In our initial contact, our team will learn about your energy and lighting related goals and objectives. This process includes surveying the existing lighting and electrical setup on your property to help define a successful solution.


Our dedicated sales team will analyze 12-24 months of billing data, discuss operational schedules and needs, and evaluate the facility's footprint when designing a retrofit project.

Develop Solutions:

Our technical sales team evaluates your facility needs and combines that with the detailed audit data to develop customized solutions with a detailed ROI analysis.


Prior to implementing any project Lux Solutions works to ensure all recommendations are thoroughly vetted through sample installations, light level readings, and photometrics where necessary. This process helps to ensure a smooth project that meets your expectations.


Our team ensures that communication happens regularly during any project. Upon completion, we spend time walking the site with key personnel to ensure all aspects of the project have been successfully completed. Our goal is to maintain a lasting relationship that allows us to continue serving your future needs.